[Openstack] CloudTUI: a multi cloud platform Cloud Text User Interface

Massimo Canonico mex at di.unipmn.it
Wed Sep 18 14:10:45 UTC 2013

Hi all, we are attaching a python script called "CloudTUI": it is a 
multi-cloud-platform Text User Interface that helps cloud users to 
create/delete/monitor instances and volumes.

We have tried to make it as simple as possible: in order to use CloudTUI 
you just have to unpack the cloudTUI.tgz file and run "python cloudTUI.py".

It will ask you the novarc file path and that's it! You just need to 
have eucatools installed.

With CloudTUI you can create a new key pair but if you already have one, 
you just have to copy the private key file in OpenStack/Keys directory 
(see README.txt for more info).

The script works also for Eucalyptus and OpenStack.

Of course, any comment are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance,
     Massimo and Irene

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