[Openstack] Cannot create instances on Xenserver 6.2

Guillaume Thouvenin guillaume.thouvenin at bull.net
Tue Sep 17 07:22:46 UTC 2013

On 17/09/2013 08:03, Marcelo Dieder wrote:
> Hello all!
> I have a Openstack ambient with 5 components (Grizzly Version):
> 1 Xenserver 6.2 (top of list)
>   - 1 cloud controller (ubuntu 12.04)
>   - 1 network Quantum (ubuntu 12.04)
>   - 1 compute with Qemu
>   - 1 Compute Xen (nova-compute PV machine with Xenapi)
> I can create instances with the compute qemu, but i cannot create 
> instances with the Xen Hypervisor.
> When I create a instance with the Xen compute I received the error below:
> 2013-09-17 02:44:15.702 ERROR nova.utils 
> [req-b524f9d2-7675-4e3b-acc1-25b8cb3e544c 
> 7378135d00ec442a80fb1cd7eac6f489 5b1acda6173a46cea4e2448147c20662] 
> [instance: 437aba49-d9eb-4924-8753-5446725aeae0] Failed to spawn, 
> rolling back
> "XENAPI_PLUGIN_FAILURE\', \'download_vhd\', \'TypeError\', 
> "download_vhd() got an unexpected keyword argument \'auth_token\'"]\n']"


  I think that there is a mismatch between the nova plugins that you're 
using in dom0 and the nova code you're running in the DomU. So you need 
to update the content of /etc/xapi.d/plugins on dom0 according to the 
version you are running on the domU. On my installation I just copied 
the content of 
/opt/stack/nova/plugins/xenserver/xenapi/etc/xapi.d/plugins that is 
located on domU (I'm running devstack) to /etc/xapi.d/plugins that is 
located on dom0.

Hope this help,
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