[Openstack] Call for participation and conferences : Capitole du libre (23rd/24th November Toulouse, France)

Christophe Sauthier christophe.sauthier at objectif-libre.com
Sun Sep 15 15:34:04 UTC 2013

An conference called "Capitole du Libre" 
(http://2013.capitoledulibre.org/) is happening on the 23rd and 24th of 
November in Toulouse, France, and will host a dedicated track for 

During "Capitole du Libre" we try to address many goals : to promote 
some (open) technologies, but also allow some communities to 
meet/gather. It is mainly in the latter aspect that I writing this email 
since at Capitole du Libre, there'll be a dedicated track for Openstack. 
It is clearly a chance for the Openstack France community to gather, 
which is a good thing since we are working hard to organize ourselves. 
But it will be a great chance for us to host some other Openstackers...

This track will separated in 2 parts :
     - conferences on saturday
     - workshops on the sunday.

This email is mainly a call for conferences and workshops. Ideally we 
would be able to cover many aspect (technicals or not) around OpenStack. 
So far we have decided or not to have a french only event : it means 
that if you want to submit some talks in English you can, and regarding 
the number we'll be able to have we can have a track in English... The 
deadline for submitting is Septembre 29th...

Finally, I'd like to add that Toulouse is a really really nice city, 
with a very nice weather (well we always can be unlucky...) so spending 
at least the weekend there is quite nice :)

Thanks for your feedback and participation ! Feels free to contact me 
if you want any other information, or if you want to sponsor the event 



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