[Openstack] Using heat template for defining floating IPs for instances created by Autoscaling::LaunchConfiguration

Pekka Rinne tsierkkis at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 07:59:25 UTC 2013

hi all

If I create AutoScalingGroup by using heat and define in template
AWS::AutoScaling::AutoScalingGroup, AWS::AutoScaling::LaunchConfiguration,
AWS::AutoScaling::ScalingPolicy and OS::Ceilometer::Alarms for up&down
scaling - how is it intended that I can automatically associate Neutron
Floating IPs to instances created this way? Is there already existing some
mechanism that can handle this by using heat template?

As in heat template it is not possible to define directly Neutron ports for
e.g. LaunchConfiguration.

And then when up scaling happens the new instances would need to have
floating IPs and ports as well. In down scaling network resources could be

The only way I could think of is that I would run stack update or use
horizon, but its not very practical with auto scaling.

Or is there this kind of feature in road maps?

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