[Openstack] Help with l3 agent code

Otávio Augusto otavio.augusto at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 12:58:00 UTC 2013

Hi all

I've been trying to understand where in the code I should apply changes so
that the l3 agent could use a router which is not yet supported by
Openstack. I've been debugging with pdb and reading the available
documentation - at least the ones pointed by other Openstack developers.
Would anyone please provide any hints on this ? I believe I have to work on
the driver that is invoked by the agent. I think I understand the flow: the
db is updated and the task is added to a queue. When the right time comes,
the queue fires up that task, invoking the l3 agent. Am I correct ?

In a basic scenario: I have a router created in Openstack (no l3 agent
invoked so far, right ?). Now, I want to associate that router to a
gateway. At that point, the l3 agent should be invoked and specific routing
commands should be issued to create that router x gateway association.
Where in the code should I apply changes so that I could addapt/create code
for my specific router?

Best regards

Otavio Augusto

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