[Openstack] Quantum - Second node

Robert van Leeuwen Robert.vanLeeuwen at spilgames.com
Fri Sep 6 06:44:20 UTC 2013

>ERROR [quantum.plugins.openvswitch.agent.ovs_quantum_agent] Cannot provision GRE network for 
> net-id=7b30db0c-83e5-45e3-89b3-fe7810c7a553 - tunneling disabled

> This is what the second node is getting and the network isn't working cause the system is waiting for the > metadata server. First compute node works fine.

I've seen something similar with a non-gre tunnel enabled kernel module.
It happened to us when Redhat started to include it's own Openswitch module (without GRE support) overruling our own module by default.

You can check if you are running the same openvswitch version on those machines with:
modinfo openvswitch

At a slightly related note:
At some point we decided that GRE was giving us more headaches than that it solved problems so we moved to  a VLAN setup.

Robert van Leeuwen

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