[Openstack] question on volume resize

John-Paul Robinson jpr at uab.edu
Thu Sep 5 22:58:17 UTC 2013

Are there any recommendations on where in OS that patch/extension would

I've managed to get familiar with the OS external interfaces but don't
have much understanding on how things are structured internally.

Given the motivation for moving Cinder out of Nova due to the complexity
of the intertwined Nova compute and volume functionality, would this
make such a patch a bit more complicated?

Were you suggesting that the patch/extension would simply focus on
bumping the db volume size or is there a more formal extension interface
that would keep all parts happy (e.g. the account API)?



On 09/05/2013 05:36 PM, John Griffith wrote:
>     In the scenario we are developing, we'd like to instantiate and track
>     volumes via nova-volume so we can benefit from the OS accounting API's
>     to track storage usage over time.  We'd also like to be able to grow
>     these volumes in place to add space for a user's block device and grow
>     the file system in that container to consume the newly added space.
>     Is there a way to update the recognized size of the volume in OS?
> Currently the only solution for what you describe would be to update
> the size in the db directly.  That being said you would be much better
> off writing your own custom patch/extension to do this for you in side
> of OpenStack to avoid some of the impedance mismatches that you're
> likely to encounter here.

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