[Openstack] Question About Multinode and Swift

Gangur, Hrushikesh (HP Converged Cloud - R&D - Sunnyvale) hrushikesh.gangur at hp.com
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Yes, the compute node's sizing must be done in terms of CPU, Memory and Disk based on the flavor being selected. If you want to host 50 vms that have flavor specs 1 vcpu, 2 gb RAM, 10 gb root disk each, you need a compute node with 500 GB instance repository, 72 GB Memory, 16 core CPU.

Instead of local repository, you may like to mount /var/lib/nova/instances as an NFS. This way it would be compute node independent and you easily migrate VM instances across compute nodes (in case of failure).


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So, in this case we can't separate them to another server?
so thats mean we need large hardisk for compute node, is that right?
On 9/5/2013 12:48 PM, Gangur, Hrushikesh (HP Converged Cloud - R&D - Sunnyvale) wrote:

vm instances' root and ephemeral disk data are stored in compute node's /var/lib/nova/instances. for storing user data i.e persistent, you must use cinder's block storage or swifts object store.

Cheers ~hrushi

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Dear all, i have some question around my head.

1. i have compute node and running KVM hypervisor in there, controller node and network node.

question is, in where data that instance run store? is it on compute node?

2. if i want to store all data in separate node let say using swift (swift node), can this happen?

3. what is flavor used to store data? i mean when i create instance with selected flavor(ex:10GB), where that space that would be create? in swift node?

4. So if this can be done, in my compute node is just run KVM, and no data store that. right?

Thanks before.



Mahardhika Gilang


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