[Openstack] Problem with floating IP

Krzysztof G krzysiekg18 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 13:51:29 UTC 2013

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to deploy Openstack with Quantum networking on one node. I did
all-in-one installation, then disabled nova-networking and installed
Quantum networking. I configured internal networking with network address: My host is connected to company network
in which I have few empty addresses which can be assigned to my VM's. I
used my eth0 interface on host (which is in company network) as an external
bridge and my eth1 as an internal bridge for VM's.
I was following configuration written in this topic

My topology is:


When I do 2 VM I can successfully assigned them with Internal addresses an
also floating IP's. I can ping between them using internal address, but I
can't ping my br-int address and cannot ping VM's from my host,  floating
addresses are useless.

I cannot understand one thing. When I'm on server SV1 and want to ping VM1.
Theoretically they are on the same subnet (, beacuse I use
free adresses from this subnet). But the real path is by the **br-ex and
then OpenStack router**. How my SV1 and also switch SW know the correct
path to VM1? Is floating IP telling the switch that the path to VM1 is on
the same interface as it can reach br-ex (eth0) interface?

Here is screenshot of my instances:


and my network topology:


Thank you for your help.
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