[Openstack] Informations aboute Trove

Giuseppe Galeota giuseppegaleota at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 07:22:29 UTC 2013

Dear all,
I am a developer interested to the Databases as a Service, and in
particular for creation of relational and non-relational databases. So I
joined the Trove project (

Using the latest release of Openstack and Trove, it seems that I can't
create either a non-relational database or a relational database using
another engine (eg, Postgres) .

1) Is there a mailing list relate to the Trove project in which I can
forward questions about it? For example, I would modify the source code in
order to allow the use of others engine.

2) When the Trove project will be inserted into the new releas of Openstack?

Thank you very much.
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