[Openstack] Heat - Malformed endpoint URL

Martinx - ジェームズ thiagocmartinsc at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 01:02:01 UTC 2013

Hello Stackers!   =)

I'm following this doc:


Commands ok:

On heat server:

heat-manage db_sync # OK

On controller:

keystone user-create --name=heat --pass=Heat_PAss --email=
heat at yourdomain.com # OK

keystone user-role-add --user=heat --tenant=service --role=admin # OK

keystone service-create --name heat --type orchestration --description
'Heat Orchestration API' # OK

keystone service-create --name heat-cfn --type cloudformation --description
'Heat CloudFormation API' # OK


# Apparently runs Okay
keystone endpoint-create --region sp-east-1 --service-id $heat_service_id
--publicurl 'http://heat-srv-1.yourdomain.com:8004/v1/%\(tenant_id\)s'
--adminurl 'http://heat-srv-1.yourdomain.com:8004/v1/%\(tenant_id\)s'
--internalurl 'http://heat-srv-1.yourdomain.com:8004/v1/%\(tenant_id\)s'


# Apparently runs Okay
keystone endpoint-create --region sp-east-1 --service-id
$heat_cfn_service_id --publicurl 'http://heat-srv-1.yourdomain.com:8000/v1'
--adminurl 'http://heat-srv-1.yourdomain.com:8000/v1' --internalurl '

But, nova-compute.log immediately starts to show:

2013-10-30 22:43:13.513 21440 ERROR nova.network.neutronv2 [-] Neutron
client authentication failed: {"error": {"message": "Malformed endpoint URL
(http://heat-srv-1.yourdomain.com:8004/v1/%\\(tenant_id\\)s), see ERROR log
for details.", "code": 500, "title": "Internal Server Error"}}

The file /var/log/heat/heat.log shows:

2013-10-29 13:11:47.346 1496 INFO heat.api [-] Starting Heat ReST API on

Any tips?!

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