[Openstack] Neutron Installation: support request

Marco Fornaro Marco.Fornaro at huawei.com
Tue Oct 29 14:35:48 UTC 2013

Hi All,

Sorry: a couple of months ago I have been asking for help on openstack + quantum + OpenVswitch plugin installation

I received a very good suggestion, see below the answer ( thanks Edgard!), and I carefully followed a guide for a single-server installation (I was waiting for my new hardware):

well, everything works, from keystone to horizon web interface EXCEPT for the fact that I cannot ping or ssh my VMs (I only see the console log of the web interface!)!!!!
NOTE: I did three times the same installation of two different servers and carefully checked all security groups permissions, and the result is always the same!

Apparently I have no trace of errors in the log or error messages when launching nova/quantum commands...there MUST be some parameter missing!

Can anyone help?

BTW: now I have much more hardware where to test also a multimode installation but I wonder if this could really solve the problem....


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This guide is pretty good:


Be aware of some pull requests (one is mine) to fix a couple of issues, specially on keystone configuration.




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Subject: [Openstack] Neutron Installation: support request

Hi All,

I'm an Openstack "newbbie", and my actual target is to get an openstack instance WITH Neutron(/quantum)  ups and running

I wanted to try to get this using one single server but without using devstack:I already settled up a complete and working Openstack grizzly Installation and I've been playing a little bit with "common" features including using API


I saw in the doc (http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-network/admin/content/nova_with_neutron.html) that I HAVE FIRST TO UNINSTALL NOVA-NETWORK, then I read that there are incompatibility between some plugin and the L3 layer (http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-network/admin/content/install_neutron-l3.html).
COULD ANYONE PROVIDE ME A NEWBBIE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO CORRECTLY UNINSTALL NOVA-NETWORK AND INSTALL A NEUTRON SERVER?... I would prefer Neutron with an Openflow compliant plugin (I guess Nicira NVP, Ryu, NEC OPenFlw or Big Swoitch should be fine), but for the first tests  even the standard open vSwitch plugin could be  fine

Thanks in advance for any contribution

Best Regards

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