[Openstack] A question about Filter Scheduler in Folsom

Shai Ben Naphtali shaibn at liveperson.com
Mon Oct 28 13:21:25 UTC 2013

I wanted to lunch an instance that is set with 16GB in Openstack Folsom
env. and when I looked at the logs, I saw that it failed to lunch on a host
for not having enough memory:

host '<removed for privacy>': free_ram_mb:20873 free_disk_mb:684032 does
> not have 16384 MB usable ram, it only has 14433.7 MB usable ram.

This host has 64GB and currently has three instances in Active state that
together use only 24GB (16GB + 4GB + 4GB). 'top' tool in the host shows
that it's using 56GB.

So my question is, how can you relay on filters if you can't control the
host resources? How can I limit the RAM that the host uses and "reserve"
that RAM for instances?



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