[Openstack] Enabling Auto/Default Network Custom Security rules for new projects/tenants in Havana

Ankush Grover ankushcentos at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 12:25:05 UTC 2013

Hi Friends,

I have deployed Openstack Havana release on Centos 6.4 64-bit via Redhat
RDO tool. There are 2 network ranges I have configured in Openstack 1) for
Floating IPs( and 2nd) For Internal IPs( I have
also shared these 2 Network Ranges so that other projects can see this
range and use it too. Now I want to configure that all the new instances
whenever created should automatically be assigned the Internal IPAddress
range. Till now whenever creating any new instance I have to manual select
the Internal IPAddress range.

Is there any way that Internal range is automatically selected when
"Launching Instance" and no option to select the Floating Range while
launching an Instance?

Also, I want to edit the default security groups rules created for any
project that is whenever any project is created the customized security
groups rules automatically gets associated with the new project otherwise I
have to manually add rules allow tcp,udp and icmp traffic. Which file I
have to edit to make this happen.

Do let me know if you need any further information on this.

Thanks & Regards

Ankush Grover
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