[Openstack] [Nova]How to setup shared storage for live migration based on IPSAN device?

Ray Sun xiaoquqi at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 08:27:17 UTC 2013

Hi Stackers,
I found there is a document to describe how to setup live migration using
NFS by Mirantis.
In this articles, there is a paragraph here:
*In a typical Openstack deployment, every compute node manages its
instances locally in a dedicated directory (for example,
/var/lib/nova/instances/) but for live migration, this folder has to be in
a centralized location and shared across all the compute nodes. Hence, a
shared file system or block storage is an important requirement for
enabling live migration. For shared storage, a distributed file system such
as GlusterFS, NFS needs to be properly configured and running before live
migration can be performed. SAN storage protocols such as Fibre Channel
(FC) and iSCSI can also be used for shared storage.*

Please pay attention the sentence in blue, currently, I have a IPSAN
device, and I want use it as the shared storage for all my compute nodes.
My questions is how to setup it in nova, I didn't find any document to
introduce this, please help. Thanks a lot.

Best Regards
-- Ray
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