[Openstack] OpenStack participating in the Outreach Program for Women

Terri Yu terri at terriyu.info
Tue Oct 22 19:23:01 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm an OpenStack intern from last summer's round of Outreach Program for
Women and just wanted to add a little to what Anne Gentle said.

Now that we have funding for **three** interns, we need more project ideas!
 Especially from components other than Horizon.  Most of the applicants are
completely new to IRC and open source, so just the smallest barrier to
entry can be a huge roadblock for them.  When I was an applicant, I was
always looking at the coding projects to see what languages and skills
would be used and whether the project idea interested me.  Without a
concrete project, I was very reluctant to contact the organization.

Personally, I had a fantastic time interning and I truly wish to see the
continued success of the Outreach Program for Women at OpenStack.  If you
have ideas and are available to mentor, please add ideas to the project
wiki page:


Also, it's very helpful to make your email address easy to find on the
wiki, so applicants can contact you when you are not on IRC.  When I
applied, 50% of the time, my first point of contact with a mentor was
through email.

If you are unsure about mentoring or have questions, feel free to contact
me or Anne Gentle.  Also, feel welcome to hang out on the #openstack-opw
(freenode).  It's a special channel for anyone involved with Openstack and
Outreach Program for Women.  There are always people on the channel and you
can ask us questions there, too.


Terri Yu

> Hi again everyone,

> We have quite a few interested interns and I'd like to get more mentors
> ideas added to our ideas list with mentors as well. We have funded spots
> for three interns it looks like. Thank you OpenStack Foundation, HP and
> Rackspace!

> Please add to
> think especially of three-month tasks in the Icehouse release
> timeframe.
> Students and non-students can apply, and non-coding tasks are certainly
> allowed.

> Thanks for the great responses so far -- please do add your ideas and
> mentoring interests and keep an eye out for newcomers asking questions.
> this program, a patch is required as part of her application, and she'll
> looking for mentors online.

> Thanks,
> Anne
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