[Openstack] Proposal: USer GRoup, University, Academy Program and Student

Frans Thamura frans at meruvian.org
Tue Oct 22 04:15:22 UTC 2013

Hi All

based on our last discussion about student program, mau be student
ambasador, and working with user group or not..

i think we should make several thing, esp the Tutorial in OpenStack,
become mainstream in the future, thx for Kavit that gave this again..


based on my experience in user group development in java, user group
and material education become key point to grow community and user and

i propose we have 3 program , user group program, university program
and academy program, and i think student ambasador will work special
in all of them

1. student in user group help evangelism, and meet up
2. university, they can become trainer , my opinion university also
can held in company as training center.
3. academy program, mostly embed the material above and openstack
under curriculum, inside lab as school practicum.

what do u think?

NB: i cc to the general, because i think several partner of openstack
do training also, like morphlab , redhat etc.. let them also create
their own univ and academy and their own brand oriented user group

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