[Openstack] [Horizon] Havana RC3 available !!

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed Oct 16 21:56:11 UTC 2013

Annnnd... last but not least, the Horizon respin!

We discovered a critical bug in Horizon RC2, preventing operation of
booted-from-volume instances. We decided to fix this issue pre-release
and published a new Havana release candidate for OpenStack Dashboard

You can find the RC3 tarball a link to the fixed bug at:


This RC3 should be formally included in the common OpenStack 2013.2
final release tomorrow (or is it later today ?). Please give this
tarball a round of last-second sanity checks.

Alternatively, you can grab the code at:

If you find a regression that could be considered release-critical,
it's probably a bit late to get it fixed at that point. Still, please
file it at https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+filebug and tag
it *havana-rc-potential* so that it's properly documented in our release
notes as a known bug.


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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