[Openstack] nova boot issue with baremetal

Ravikanth Samprathi rsamprat at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 19:04:13 UTC 2013

Hi Foks

I have setup baremetal nova and followed the instructions from the baremetal
wiki.  Everything went fine till the last step ''nova boot ....''.  This
command ''nova boot....'' is supposed to trigger the deployment process
as normal for nova. For the pxe baremetal driver that means extracting
the images from glance, writing them to tftp then powering on the machine.
All this is not happening.

Also, from the baremetal-wiki, the baremetal pxe driver is supposed to
interact directly with the dnsmasq configuration file and modify the tftpboot
files that dnsmasq serves, this is not happening as well. Is this permissions
issue or anything else?  Please advise.

The glance database is fine, keystone is fine, quantum is fine, nova is fine.
But during the last stage, nothing is happening, would appreciate any help.

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