[Openstack] Documentation error or something else?

Bob Drzyzgula bob at drzyzgula.org
Wed Oct 16 16:40:24 UTC 2013

On the page

we are instructed to enter the following in api-paste.ini:


(obviously with NOVA_DBPASS replaced by the actual password)

However, after much frustration with 401 auth errors, i finally discovered
that I could get nova to work if I used the Keystone admin credentials here
instead of the nova credentials. The nova id and role and the service
tenant are all created properly, and nova is able to get a token using the
nova creds, but i can't so much as do an image-list using that id.

Is this an error in the documentation or have i likely made some other
error? I've generally been following the current trunk install guide
exactly, using the release candidates of Ubuntu 13.10 and Havana, patched
to the Ubuntu repository twice per day.
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