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Marco Fornaro Marco.Fornaro at huawei.com
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Hi Dhastha,

I followed a different guide and installed all in a single node:
BUT I have similar problem: most of the time I cannot ping or ssh the VM that I create....sometime I can correctly create a VM...but if I reboot the system I start again to have problems
I'm still working on this issue BUT

In my opinion it's a problem related to L3 agent: it sometime does not correctly load into the router: see item 9 of the guide 


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I followed


tutorial to deploy openstack using 3 physical machine.

My networking setup as follows

eth0 : (openstack management network)
eth1 : (public network)

eth0: (management network)
eth1: (Data network)
eth2: (public network)

Compute Node:
eth0: (management network)
eth1: (Data network)

Can anyone tell me How data network works?


I followed following way to create VM in Openstack

# keystone tenant-create --name project_one
#keystone user-create --name=user_one --pass=user_one --tenant-id
$put_id_of_project_one --email=user_one at domain.com
# keystone user-role-add --tenant-id $put_id_of_project_one  --user-id
$put_id_of_user_one --role-id $put_id_of_member_role
# quantum net-create --tenant-id $put_id_of_project_one net_proj_one
# quantum subnet-create --tenant-id $put_id_of_project_one
net_proj_one --dns_nameservers list=true
#quantum router-create --tenant-id $put_id_of_project_one router_proj_one
# quantum agent-list (to get the l3 agent ID)
# quantum l3-agent-router-add $l3_agent_ID router_proj_one
# quantum router-interface-add $put_router_proj_one_id_here $put_subnet_id_here
# cd /etc/init.d/; for i in $( ls quantum-* ); do sudo service $i restart; done
# quantum net-create --tenant-id $put_id_of_admin_tenant ext_net
# quantum subnet-create --tenant-id $put_id_of_admin_tenant
--allocation-pool start=,end= --gateway ext_net --enable_dhcp=False
# quantum router-gateway-set $put_router_proj_one_id_here

vi creds_proj_one

#Paste the following:
export OS_TENANT_NAME=project_one
export OS_USERNAME=user_one
export OS_PASSWORD=user_one
export OS_AUTH_URL=""

# source creds_proj_one

# nova --no-cache secgroup-add-rule default icmp -1 -1
# nova --no-cache secgroup-add-rule default tcp 22 22
# quantum floatingip-create ext_net
# nova --no-cache boot --image $id_myFirstImage --flavor 1 my_first_vm
# quantum port-list
# quantum floatingip-associate $put_id_floating_ip $put_id_vm_port

The above commands created VM and VM gets two IP address. But I can
not ssh and ping the VM.

Can anyone help me to setup network for VM in Openstack?

Thanks in advance.



Jr. Software Engineer
Fundamental Research Group
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

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