[Openstack] baremetal image boot issue

Ravikanth Samprathi rsamprat at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 22:08:05 UTC 2013

I am new to baremetal provisioning with openstack.
I have followed this link for the setup:

I have followed instructions from the above link and generated the vmlinuz
and ramdisk images.  I loaded these vmlinuz and ramdisk into the baremetal
node (server) through dnsmasq and PXE.

Few questions:
1> The baremetal node has initramfs but the interfaces are not up and does
not have any ip address for the interfaces.   Does this mean, the kernel
and ramdisk that i extracted using disk-image-create as specified from the
above link is wrong?   What should is see as the image that boots up?
2> The baremetal agent does not seem to be present in the filesystem on the
baremetal node. How should this get loaded/downloaded into the node?

Then i ran this command on the openstack controller:

nova boot --flavor my-baremetal-flavor --image my-image my-baremetal-node

This produces the following error:

ERROR: Quota exceeded for instances: Requested 1, but already used 10
of 10 instances (HTTP 413) (Request-ID: req-xxxxxxx)

1> What should i do to get this working?

2> Is the image that is currently present in the baremetal server correct?

Greatly appreciate any help and pointers.
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