[Openstack] define IP_RANGE for L3 agent

Xin Zhao xzhao at bnl.gov
Thu Oct 10 16:53:19 UTC 2013


In the following command to configure a provider network for grizzly L3 
(as documented at 

*||quantum subnet-create --gateway/|GATEWAY|/  \||*
    *||--allocation-pool start=/|IP_RANGE_START|/,end=/|IP_RANGE_END|/  \||*
    *||--disable-dhcp/|EXTERNAL_NAME|/  /|EXTERNAL_CIDR

|/||*my question is, will the router get its IP from inside [IP_RANGE_START, IP_RANGE_END], or the range is only used to select floating IPs ? I hope it's the former,
as in the same external subnet, some IPs are already assigned to other servers (what are not related to Openstack). If it's the latter, I may have to request a
whole new external subnet created just for the openstack cluster.


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