[Openstack] Connection between VMS

Guilherme Russi luisguilherme.cr at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 01:55:54 UTC 2013

Hello Rick,

Here is the command:

ubuntu at small-vm02:~$ ssh ubuntu at small-vm03
ssh: Could not resolve hostname small-vm03: Name or service not known

My point is, I have my cloud-vm01 with IP and I want ssh to my
cloud-vm02 with IP, but I can't simply do "ssh ubuntu at"
because the IP can be attached to my cloud-vm03, for example, so,
I want to know if there's a way to ssh using "ssh ubuntu at cloud-vm02"


2013/10/9 Rick Jones <rick.jones2 at hp.com>

> On 10/09/2013 05:32 PM, Guilherme Russi wrote:
>> Hello guys,
>>   I have some VMs and I'd like to connect them through their name, for
>> example, my VMs are named cloud-vm01 to cloud-vmn but I can't ssh from
>> cloud-vm01 in cloud-vm02 doing "ssh user at cloud-vm01".
>>   How can I workaround it?
> When you say "can't ssh" can you be a bit more explicit?  What sort of
> error message do you get when you try to ssh?  The answer to that will
> probably guide responses.
> rick jones
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