[Openstack] Resource utilization monitoring (CPU, RAM, HDD, Network and so on) of running instance via REST API.

Sergey Gomanyuk Sergey.Gomanyuk at amdocs.com
Wed Oct 9 08:52:49 UTC 2013

In our proof of concept project we use REST API provided by Open Stack to manage HP Cloud. One of project user stories is monitoring CPU, RAM, HDD, Network and other resource utilization  of running instances. Brief research shows that the one of possible solution is using Celiometer project. So my questions to experts who have already tried to solve the same task are:
- Is  Celiometer really the best solution at the moment, maybe there are another ways to monitor resource utilization?
- Are there any pitfalls when using Celiometer? Is it stable? Any VM limitation with HP Cloud (in documentation I can see the following: "At present, most of the Nova meters will only work with libvirt front-end hypervisors while test coverage was mostly done based on KVM.")?

Best Regards, Sergey Gomanyuk.

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