[Openstack] [Identity] v3 API compatibility question for havana

Alejandro Comisario alejandro.comisario at mercadolibre.com
Mon Oct 7 22:28:34 UTC 2013

Hi guys, we have just one question.
Since we are already traveling our way into deploying havana release for
early 2014, we were stuck under the deep questioning of the identity api

Since we are using the access to keystone v2.0 identity api a lot, even
from lots of in-house developments, we were thinking about pushing the use
of v3 taking into account that v2 might be discontinued in the near future.
We can do that from our in-house applications, but wanted to make sure that
v3 API WILL BE supported from all the HAVANA openstack api endpoints (nova,
glance, neutron, cinder, etc) and their respective python-clients just to
justify our internal change.

Any words about that ?

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