[Openstack] how to tell dhcp-agent to advertice certain routes?

Jonathan Proulx jon at jonproulx.com
Tue Oct 1 14:55:32 UTC 2013

On Tue, Oct 01, 2013 at 12:01:24PM +0300, Ilkka Tengvall wrote:

:Thanks, it works, except the metadata service is of course missing
:until there is quantum router connected.

I see I misse dhtis bit in my last response.  Now you mention it I ran
into much the same problem.

I'll admit I'm probably doing metadata wrong, but here's what I'm

I'm not using the quantum metadata service.  I can get away with this
becasue I have relatively few networks and are all more or less in the
same administrative domain.

I'm running the nova metadata service on the controler node and have
interfaces on the contorller on all the networks I want metadata on.

Not sure if that works for you, but since it "works for me" I've not
have enough free time to go back and "do the right thing".


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