[Openstack] what is the meaning to alliance with VMWare?

Peter Cheung mcheung63 at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 28 04:34:19 UTC 2013

Hi All   What is the meaning to alliance with VMWare? In hong kong or china, customer is deciding to switch to Openstack from VMWare to save cost. There will be nobody to buy vmware solution and build openstack on top of it, and there is no one will build their cloud half in vmware and half in openstack too. They did that because of some reasons:
1) If customer have budget to purchase vmware, vmware's vendor will provide them total solution, 100% in vmware infrastructure. The vendor is not interest to sell customer with vmware solution and build an openstack on top of it, because they think it is useless. The vendors think the dashboard cannot compete with vCenter. vCenter still the best option to manage vmware. Similarly, nobody can create a tool to replace microsoft management tool for SQL server, noone will get a success.
2) for private cloud, customer is thinking *EITHER* vmware or openstack, that mean they are competitor. Why alliance with an enemy?
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