[Openstack] [Ceilometer] Problem with nova resize events

Alessandro Barabesi abarabesi at enter.it
Wed Jul 24 16:51:10 UTC 2013

Hi Jay and Julien

thanks very much for your help. I am not terribly familiar with github and code reviews, 
I am not a developer :(, so maybe I am not using the correct terms here.

We are using version 2013.1.2  of ceilometer, so we have no "ComputeInstanceNotificationBase" class in notifications.py, instead we have 

" class _Base(plugin.NotificationBase) ", which handles events with

        return ['compute.instance.create.end',

like ComputeInstanceNotificationBase does.

What is your suggestion in order to enable handlings of more compute events, considering we will go live in 2-3 weeks time?

1- We wait for Julien's patch to be approved and we upgrade to the patched version. 
2- We modify ourselves get_event_types() on our installation
3- ?


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On Wed, Jul 24 2013, Jay Lau wrote:

> Hi Alex,
> Not sure if it is a bug, but you are right, ceiloemeter did not send 
> the notification that you required. Perhaps you can log a bug or else 
> you can patch your cluster directly to enable this.
> class ComputeInstanceNotificationBase(ComputeNotificationBase):
>     """Convert compute.instance.* notifications into Counters
>     """
>     @staticmethod
>     def get_event_types():
>         return ['compute.instance.create.start',
>                 'compute.instance.create.end',
>                 'compute.instance.exists',
>                 'compute.instance.update',
>                 'compute.instance.delete.start',
>                 'compute.instance.delete.end',
>                 'compute.instance.finish_resize.end',
>                 'compute.instance.resize.revert.end']
> Thanks,

Not really a bug, but we know we could do better.
I've just cooked a patch that should improve that:


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