[Openstack] [Swift] Is it possible to use tempauth and tempurl together?

Jonathan Lu jojokururu at gmail.com
Wed Jul 17 07:39:25 UTC 2013

Hi, all stackers,
      Can I use the tempauth and tempurl at the same time? I will set a 
long tempauth timeout time for internal service and a short tempurl 
timeout for the ohters?

     My proxy-server.conf is quite easy:
     pipeline = healthcheck cache tempurl tempauth proxy-server

     use = egg:swift#proxy
     allow_account_management = true
     account_autocreate = true

     use = egg:swift#tempauth

     use = egg:swifttempurl#tempurl

     It works well in tempauth. But after I set the 
X-Account-Meta-Temp-URL-Key header on the Swift account and try to use 
tempurl, I got the "401 Unauthorized: Temp URL invalid" response.

Jonathan Lu
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