[Openstack] How to Install OpenStack ???????????

Jake G. Dj_dark_junglist at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 13 00:05:24 UTC 2013

Thanks everyone for your help and encouragement! A lot of great suggestions and I really appreciate them all.

It's had been hard to wrap my head around the many different ways to deploy openstack. Reading every method has confused me even more.

I will give some of these a try next week and hopefully I will be successful. 

Thanks again,

On 2013/07/13, at 7:08, Stefano Maffulli <stefano at openstack.org> wrote:

> On 07/11/2013 11:58 PM, Jake G. wrote:
>> <rant>
>> Does anyone have installation instructions that a human being can
>> actually understand and follow?
> Hi Jake, I think I understand what you're going through: the pain you're
> reporting is unfortunately known and not rare.
> The documentation team is aware that the installation instructions are
> in urgent need for attention. The reasons for this technical debt is
> that the documentation team has given priority to documenting the
> general aspects of OpenStack. Writing an installation guide that is
> general/generic for all sorts of possible combinations is too
> complicated, so that task was given lower priority (the books like
> Operations Guide and Security Guide were given higher priority, in case
> you asked).
> So, while knowing this won't help you ease your pain, I hope it sheds
> some light on the reasons why the official installation documentation is
> behind the rest of the docs.
> To close the technical debt, Anne and the rest of the documentation team
> will be working on a set of *opinionated* install guides. Acknowledging
> that installing a complex system like OpenStack is (ahem) complex, what
> makes it simpler is to make assumptions that reduce the variables. The
> reasons why you see so many blog posts, small install guides, etc is
> that these make assumptions to reduce the number of variables like: do I
> use one or three or more nodes? nova network or neutron? swift? how to
> configure keystone auth? what networking topology? where do I put the
> dashboard? how about HA? etc
> This is a call to anybody interested in documenting OpenStack
> installation: join the documentation team and contribute your expertise
> to write an *opinionated* guide to install OpenStack. It won't be the
> ultimate guide to install OpenStack in all possible scenarios but it
> will be a way to start.
> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation
> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/HowTo
> thanks
> stef
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