[Openstack] [Ceilometer] Problems with query fields in filters

Alessandro Barabesi abarabesi at enter.it
Fri Jul 12 09:17:22 UTC 2013

Hi everybody,

I have the following problems with query fields in filters.

1) Filtering by "metadata.size" in v2/meters/image apparently is not working. The following request returns also samples with metadata.size=0.


	"q": [{
		"field": "project_id",
		"op": "eq",
		"value": "77b461539c8542909f67b29939ec87dd"
		"field": "timestamp",
		"op": "ge",
		"value": "2013-07-11T13:36:00"
		"field": "timestamp",
		"op": "lt",
		"value": "2013-07-11T13:39:00"
		"field": "metadata.size",
		"op": "gt",
		"value": "0"

I am probably doing something wrong but I can't figure out what.

2) Filtering by "counter_volume" returns the folloving error message:

error_message={"debuginfo": null, "faultcode": "Client", "faultstring": "Unknown argument: \"counter_volume\": unrecognized query field"}

Is this a bug or filtering by "counter-volume" is not allowed?

Many thanks

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