[Openstack] swift storage, getting it working

Axel Christiansen axel.christiansen at softreset.de
Fri Jul 12 08:44:01 UTC 2013

Hello List,

i got stock getting a swift store running. the base components, a proxy
some storage nodes are prepared. The keystone service is up and seems
working ok. Authentication works.

wehn trying to create a container this happens:

swift -v -s -V 2.0 -A -U demo:admin -K
XZ5OOQSKWSNJ post tesadfdsafds
Container PUT failed:
404 Not Found  [first 60 chars of response] <html><h1>Not
Found</h1><p>The resource could not be found.<

On the storage nodes:
Jul 12 10:33:55 sn04 object-server - -
[12/Jul/2013:08:33:55 +0000] "HEAD
/sdz1/80228/AUTH_adb1bcba4b2548589b67c8aee6be09fb" 400 63 "-"
"tx169c1f37bcee47e083eff0f6916f9392" "-" 0.0002

a log snippet.

It would be really nice if one could point me in the rigth direction.
Where should i dig.

Thx, Axel

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