[Openstack] why did openstack choose ceph (and not glusterfs)

Zippy Zeppoli zippyzeppoli at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 00:23:33 UTC 2013

I apologize if this email causes some kind of subjective ruckus, but
frankly I don't care (sorry etiquette) since it will resolve a reasonable
question that isn't clearly answered on the web.

Why did openstack choose ceph and not glusterfs. There doesn't seem to be a
lot of (good) information on how/why to choose one over the other, and I'm
sure most folks do a proof-of-concept to figure this out, but it doesn't
seem like a lot of information has been shared on the matter.

That being said, OpenStack is a large open source project that has decided
to use this storage platform (big decision). Why and how did the technical
architects for OpenStack come to this decision (blog post would be awesome,
wasn't able to find one Googling).

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