[Openstack] I need your help to install Quantum Rest Proxy.

Julio Carlos Barrera Juez juliocarlos.barrera at i2cat.net
Wed Jul 10 09:10:47 UTC 2013

Hi lyonggyu.

We are integrating our OpenNaaS project [1] with OpenStack in i2cat
Foundation [2] in the the context of Mantychore project [3]. We want
OpenNaaS to be the network provider of OpenStack to deploy dynamic cloud
environments easily. To achieve this goal, we use 'Big Switch, Floodlight
REST Proxy Plugin' as Quantum proxy to OpenNaaS.

We use OpenStack Grizzly instead of Folsom, but the configuration should be
similar. You can found information in the OpenStack official documentation
[4] and in the Project Floodlight documentation [5]. Basically configuring
the Quantum plugin needs to be done in the controller node providing an
endpoint that offers REST endpoints. Normally it is a FloodLight Openflow
Controller, but can be others.

I have added this thread to OpenStack general and to OpenNaaS users mailing

I hope it can help you.

Best Regards, Julio C. Barrera.

[1] OpenNaaS project: http://www.opennaas.org/
[2] i2cat Foundation: http://www.i2cat.net/en
[3] Mantychore project: http://www.mantychore.eu/
[4] The OpenStack project, Configuring Big Switch, Floodlight REST Proxy
[5] Big Switch Networks, Project floodlight, Quantum REST Proxy Plugin :

On 10 July 2013 09:41, <lyonggyu at kaist.ac.kr> wrote:

> Hi Julio,
> Recently, I installed OpenStack Folsom with Quantum. However, I could not
> install Quantum Rest Proxy plugin.
> How could you install the plugin? Could you give me a help?
> Thank you.
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