[Openstack] [SWIFT] raising network traffic on the storage node

Robert van Leeuwen Robert.vanLeeuwen at spilgames.com
Tue Jul 9 07:07:27 UTC 2013

> If the replication traffic is responsible for this raising network traffic for only 1.200.000 objects, how much traffic I can 
> expect if I have 100.000.000 objects stored?
> The average size of my mailobjects are 120 kB. 
> It's planned to use all 12 hard drive slots of my DELL R720xd with 4 > TB drives
>. I have 5 storage nodes and 2 balanced proxy nodes. Will the replication traffic kill my system?

We are running with  > 400.000.000 objects  across 11 object storage nodes.
Total network traffic on any of those nodes is less then 10 MByte /second

However we have seen slowdowns with lots of small files and really big disks.
The issue is not related to the network but the local filesystem/disk.
When the inode cache gets insufficient you can see terrible slow-downs.
There have been a few threads about that in this list, having a lot of memory usually helps a bit.

Robert van Leeuwen

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