[Openstack] Virtual Instances are unable to communicate with Outer World

amogh patel amoghpatel4u at gmail.com
Mon Jul 8 22:39:46 UTC 2013


I'm trying to implement OpenStack Grizzly solution in my environment (
bunch of Mac Minis) with one NIC card limitation. So far, I was able to
setup a Controller and two Compute Nodes and created several VMs in compute

My host (Controller/Compute) are in 10.x.x.x series and I've setup the
br100 private network for VMs in 192.168.100.x series per document. So,
both Host and VMs have different gateway.

Problem : My Hosts (Controller/Compute) can communicate (ping/SSH) to their
VMs but other server from same network (10.x.x.x) are unable to communicate
to VMs. Vice versa, VMs are unable to communicate to other Hosts of the
10.x.x.x network except controller & compute nodes and also to the outer

What could be possible solution for this? Any help would be really
appreciated. Please let me know, what information/files should I provide to
diagnose it further. Can we do any kind of NATing or iptables rules in
OpenStack like VMWare provides? By the way, I'm using FlatDHCPManager mode.

Thanks in advance.

nova-manage version - 2013.1.1


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