[Openstack] Cinder as Volume Implementation

Mahardhika mahardika.gilang at andalabs.com
Mon Jul 8 04:16:34 UTC 2013

Hi, now i am using grizzly on 13.04 Ubuntu with cinder volume as the 
module, and used multinode topology :
- compute node
- controller node
- network node
and cinder is on controller node, as far i know cinder used iscsi to hit 
the target, does it possible to used cinder on controller node? i have 
tried but have no luck, still get some error on the log said that failed 
to make iscsi target,
and if it better to used cinder as volume on separate physical machine? 
(that will be connected to openstack management network)
let me know if you all need my cinder.conf and other config file.

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