[Openstack] Nova instance launch failing on Quantum error "404 Not Found"

Min Pae sputnik13 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 21:43:21 UTC 2013

I have an Openstack setup on Ubuntu/Juju/MAAS, and I was able to
successfully set up instances and get them networked using Quantum as
recently as a few days ago.  A couple of days ago it stopped working.
When I try to add an instance, nova-compute errors out citing an error
while setting up networking.  Quantum is returning "404 Not Found".  I
enabled debug logging on both nova and quantum and could not make out
anything that helped to narrow down what the problem is.  I even took a
tcpdump of the traffic between the nova-compute node and the quantum
server.  The network ID that nova looks correct and the dashboard shows
the network is UP and ACTIVE.  I'm a bit stumped on where else to look
and what to look for in order to troubleshoot this further.  Any
pointers on how I can troubleshoot this would be really appreciated.


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