[Openstack] Shared Storage with cinder ?

Heiko Krämer info at honeybutcher.de
Fri Jul 5 16:24:03 UTC 2013

Heyho guys,

I'm searching for a solution to share storage over more then one instance.

Normally you attach a block device with cinder directly via iscsi or 
glusterfs or whatever to one instance and that's it. Multi attachments 
are not present.

Use case:

I've an application on 4 application instances and a database instance. 
Now you have static file like images, movies, css ... but this files 
should be available on each application instance.
Now you need to fire up an "storage" instance and attach a volume. After 
that you can with nfs or what ever share your stuff to the application 
instances but i think this is a very big ressource overhead for small 
projects. You need a instance only to share your data on each project 
and this n times :(

Do we have now any ways to solve this use case without this resource 
overhead ? I've seen it's a blueprint to attach cinder volumes to 
multiple instances but not implemented yet.

Thx for your hints and greetings

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