[Openstack] VLAN mode and 100 vlan

Igor Laskovy igor.laskovy at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 07:31:34 UTC 2013


I have little deployment Grizzly on Ubuntu 12.04.

When I do

nova network-create vlan201 --fixed-range-v4 --vlan 201
--bridge br201 --bridge-interface bond0 --project-id

and get

DuplicateVlan: Detected existing vlan with id 100

because before that I have created another network with 200 vlan but
nova-network for some reason (that bug?) put it in 100 vlan

nova-manage  network list
id      IPv4                    IPv6            start address   DNS1
     DNS2            VlanID          project         uuid
6        None  
    None            100             3f47be9a0c2348faac4deec2a988acd8

Igor Laskovy
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