[Openstack] DHCP problem in grizzly

Thomas Kärgel kaergel at b1-systems.de
Tue Jul 2 06:09:54 UTC 2013


Unfortunately i was bussy with some other topics regarding the current
project im involved in, but I'm still trying to solve this issue.

A shot status update regarding dnsmasq issues we discovered:
-dnsmasq developers don't see the possibility that the behaviour we are
experiencing is caused by dnsmasq.
-I had some interesting discussions with some of the developers at my
office regarding the hostsfile and it's usage. We concluded with the
assumption that this behaviour may be caused by an old file handle. So
that dnsmasq is still reading old data from disc and not the updated
-The next steps will be to check the filesystem handle of the hostfile
during runtime. One Option for a solution is to try to do an  filesystem
sync bevor sighuping dnsmasq. Another option is to change the filesystem
on which the hostfile resides.

I hope with information we're able to hunt this problem down soon. I
would appreciate any help.

Best regards


Am 10.06.2013 12:12, schrieb Marco Colombo:
> Hi Thomas,
> any good news from dnsmasq dev?
> Thanks
> 2013/5/23 Thomas Kärgel <kaergel at b1-systems.de
> <mailto:kaergel at b1-systems.de>>
>     Hi,
>     thank you very much, Marco. I posted your logs on dnsmasq-mailing-list
>     and will report back when i receive an answer.
>     Best regards
>     Thomas
>     Am 23.05.2013 15:06, schrieb Marco Colombo:
>     > Hi Thomas,
>     > here you can find some logs required by dnsmasq devs.
>     >
>     > http://paste.openstack.org/show/37668/
>     >
>     > For this answer, "Maybe release a DHCP lease on an old host, and then
>     > see if it can get a lease back again?" :
>     > When the problem appears, the VM can't get lease back.
>     >
>     > Should you have any further question please don't hesitate to
>     contact me.
>     > Thanks
>     > Best Regards
>     >
>     > --
>     > Marco Colombo
> -- 
> Marco Colombo

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