[Openstack] [Nova] CPU Scalling, Quota for Disk I/O

Bruno Oliveira ~lychinus brunnop.oliveira at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 19:22:27 UTC 2013

Hello Stackers,

Today morning I saw an interesting question regarding CPU Scaling
in the list, which got me to ask the following:

Currently (or in the roadmap) do we have any feature on Nova
(regardless of the hypervisor underneath) to set maximum disk I/O
throughput a VM can have ?

I mean, let's say we have hundreds of VMs under the same host as
in production, and for some reason we're lacking performance due to
one (or a few of them) being too hungry/greedy for disk reads/writes.

Question 1) Is there a way we can set quotas for disk I/O for a (group of)
instances ? Like: for this one (or this group), don't exceed the threshold
of 50 MB/seg

Question 2) Also, do we have anything like vertical scalling ?
I mean, like defining CPU and Memory Balloons as extra resources
that a set of VMs can make use of (temporarily), if they're demanding to ?

Note: I've seen some of the videos of "Heat" talking about increasing
horizontally  the number of instances behind a load balancer to attend
an increasing number of user requests, for instances...

Thank you so much.


Bruno Oliveira
Developer, Software Engineer
irc: lychinus | skype: brunnop.oliveira
brunnop.oliveira at gmail.com

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