[Openstack] Online meeting for moderators of Ask OpenStack

Stefano Maffulli stefano at openstack.org
Thu Aug 29 01:23:29 UTC 2013

hello folks,

I and Tom are thinking of organizing an online meeting for moderators of
Ask OpenStack. The main intention is to share best practices and in the
long term improve the objective of Ask OpenStack:

     to provide the best place on Internet for people to find
     solutions (answers) to common problems (questions) related to

We would like to go through the existing recommendations on the wiki and
do some "live" practice together on existing questions.

We're thinking of doing this some time next week. If you're a moderator
(have more than 100 karma points), please consider filling in this
survey to find a good time for this meeting:




Ask and answer questions on https://ask.openstack.org

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