[Openstack] Managing iptables with OpenStack Folsom (using Quantum)

Craig E. Ward cward at isi.edu
Wed Aug 28 17:08:02 UTC 2013

I have an OpenStack Folsom, with Quantum networking, installation that I'm 
having trouble getting additional rules into the iptables on nova-compute 
nodes. The online manual 
(http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-ops/content/iptables.html) states 
that "You must use OpenStack to manage iptables." What it doesn't include is 
any indication of how that is done. How can iptables be managed with OpenStack?

When I add rules to the file /etc/sysconfig/iptables, sometimes the 
nova-compute service fails to work properly. A new instance on the node may not 
get an IP address or the vnc service in Horizon does not respond. The instance 
is listed in the database with an assigned IP, but the address is not reachable.

Does the iptables service need to be "off" in the context of chkconfig? That 
is, don't let it start through the rc sequence, but let nova-compute start it 
and populate the rules?

If iptables is started in the rc sequence, then are there some rules that 
should not be in /etc/sysconfig/iptables?

If the rc sequence is not used, how do ports unrelated to OpenStack services 
get enabled?

Does the default response for a packet sent to non-OpenStack related port drop 
the packet or let it pass?



Craig E. Ward
Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California
cward at ISI.EDU

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