[Openstack] [swift] Issue of cache eating up most of memory

Robert van Leeuwen Robert.vanLeeuwen at spilgames.com
Tue Aug 27 14:38:11 UTC 2013

> I carefully checked the memory info and found most of the memory was consumed by page cache and inode cache
> It will fail the server to accept any request.  I know it can be released by using the command of echo 3 > /proc/sys/drop_caches.
> But does anybody have better solution to address this issue?


You can set sysctl vm.vfs_cache_pressure=100
( This tunes how likely the kernel will keep dentry/inode caches. )

Note that ideally the inodes should fit in memory.
If it is not in memory you will hit your disk with a lot of extra reads.
This will slow things down considerably.

Robert van Leeuwen
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