[Openstack] problem in editing swift_hash_path_suffix

pragya jain prag_2648 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Aug 24 07:32:27 UTC 2013


I have to configure proxy server.
For this, 

I have to edit /etc/swift/swift.conf and change the 
swift_hash_path_suffix to something secret and then, start the proxy 
server process

for this, I use the following commands:
root at arun-Aspire-5742:~# vi /etc/swift/swift.conf

with this command, swift.conf file is opened:


# swift_hash_path_suffix and swift_hash_path_prefix are used as part of the
# the hashing algorithm when determining data placement in the cluster.
# These values should remain secret and MUST NOT change
# once a cluster has been

swift_hash_path_suffix = changeme
swift_hash_path_prefix = changeme

# The swift-constraints section sets the basic constraints on data
# saved in the swift cluster.


# max_file_size is the largest "normal" object that can be saved in
# the cluster. This is also the limit on the size of each segment of
# a "large" object when using the large object manifest support.
# This value is set in bytes. Setting it to lower than 1MiB will cause
# some tests to fail. It is STRONGLY recommended to leave this value at
# the default (5 * 2**30 + 2).

#max_file_size = 5368709122

# max_meta_name_length is the max number of bytes in the utf8 encoding
# of the name portion of a metadata header.

#max_meta_name_length = 128

# max_meta_value_length is the max number of bytes in the utf8 encoding
# of a metadata value

#max_meta_value_length =

# max_meta_count is the max number of metadata keys that can be stored
# on a single account, container, or object

but, I am not able to change the value of swift_hash_path_suffix.
Please help me in this regard.

Pragya Jain
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