[Openstack] oversubscribe node

Steve Heistand steve.heistand at nasa.gov
Wed Aug 21 21:56:48 UTC 2013

Hi folks,

so  Im a little confused, on my compute nodes I have the allocation ratio set:

root at node004:~# cat /etc/nova/nova-compute.conf 

but I got into a state where the node is oversubscribed.  From nova hypervisor-show node004:

vcpus_used              36
memory_mb_used  72837
memory_mb            64379
vcpus                       32  

I have zones/aggregates set up and of the instances, one was started in just launch it anywhere mode and another was told to start on
a zone that is this node.

In looking back I would have expected the zone specified instance be rejected.

is this to be expected or a bug?



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