[Openstack] Live Migration with Gluster Storage

Marco CONSONNI mcocmo62 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 07:29:17 UTC 2013

Hello Guilherme and all,

I was able to deploy live migration with gluster: I originally tried NFS
like you did but I found problems.
On the contrary, Gluster works perfectly and it's quite easy to instal and

This is what you need to do for a basic installation assuming that you have
a node, working as a gluster server, with 2 disks and a set of compute
nodes, working as gluster clients, that use the gluster shared directory
for saving the running images.

-- On the gluster server --

1) Prepare the volumes

Assuming that you have two disks (/dev/sdb and /dev/sdc), create a primary
partition on both of them using fdisk command.
Format the volumes with command: sudo mkfs.xfs -i size=512 /dev/sdb1 and
sudo mkfs.xfs -i size=512 /dev/sdc1
Prepare two directories for mounting the two volumes: sudo mkdir -p
/export/brick1 and sudo mkdir -p /export/brick2
Configure /etc/fstab for mounting the volumes by adding the following lines:

/dev/sdb1       /export/brick1  xfs     defaults        0       2

/dev/sdc1       /export/brick2  xfs     defaults        0       2
Mount the two volumes with command  sudo mount –a

2) install and configure gluster server

sudo apt-get install glusterfs-server

sudo gluster volume create openstack stripe 2 <IP address of the
server>:/export/brick1 <IP address of the server>:/export/brick2

sudo gluster volume start openstack
-- On the gluster clients / compute nodes  --

1) Install the gluster client with command sudo apt-get install

2) in the /etc/fstab, configure a gluster filesystem with name
by adding the following line:

          <IP address of gluster server>:/openstack /var/lib/nova/instances
glusterfs defaults,_netdev 0 0

Note that if you have already have a /var/lib/nova/instances directory on
the compute node, this fstab configuration simply 'hides' that but the
contents are still there.
This configuration is needed for forcing compute node to store instances
onto the gluster shared  directory.

Hope it helps,

2013/8/7 Guilherme Russi <luisguilherme.cr at gmail.com>

> Hello guys,
>  I've been trying to deploy live migration to my cloud using NFS but
> without success, I'd like to know if somebody has tried live migration with
> Gluster Storage, does it work? Any problem when installing it? Following
> the documentation from its website is easy to install?
> The only thing that is left to my cloud works 100% is the live migration.
> Thank you all.
> Guilherme.
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