[Openstack] quantum/neturon and openvswitch cannot delete a namespace. emer-reset?

Andrew Spiers andrew at andrewspiers.net
Fri Aug 16 09:34:10 UTC 2013

Hi, and thanks for the tips!

Net-ns cleanup gave an error deleting that particular namespace,
and with --force it threw a few exceptions and also failed to remove
that namespace. It is good to know
about those commands for the future though.

emer-reset seemed to have no effect, which makes sense, given Eugene's

I wound up rebooting the node, which destroyed all the bad namespaces.

I have been trying to debug a
problem where machines were unable to talk on a public network to the
world, (although they could if they were routing through from a private
network) and I have run into what I think are a couple of misconfigurations
 (ovs_use_veth not enabled, and use_namespaces not enabled either for
the dhcp
agent) which I've corrected. I should find out fairly soon if I'm able
to get
traffic out of a VM which only has an interface on the public network.



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